FEB Undergraduate Programmes


Aligned with the faculty’s goal in achieving academic excellence, FEB will continue to restructure and improve the faculty’s academic system. As an initiative towards the goal of excellence, FEB is offering an academic structure according to individual programme and area of specialization. The academic structure is specifically designed to enable students to have the opportunity in acquiring quality knowledge and skills in their chosen field.

Programme Objectives

The faculty Undergraduate Curriculum consists of three categories: University Courses, Core Courses, and Specialization Courses.

The university courses are made up of University Elective Courses and Generic Development Courses:

  • University Elective Courses; UNIMAS undergraduates must undertake up to 9 credit (12 credit for Accounting Programme) of University Elective Courses. Students take courses offered by other faculties/centre based on their own interest, skills and basic knowledge. Through these courses, students are able to diversify their knowledge.
  • Generic Development Courses; All programmes in UNIMAS require the students to undertake Generic Development Courses. These courses and activities are designed to inculcate positive attitude and students personality of high confidence, autonomy, focus, cooperation and networking - inline with UNIMAS philosophy where the teaching-learning emphasise on total individual personal development. Students are required to complete a total of fifteen (15) credit hours.
  • Core courses are specially designed for each programme. It is made up of coherent courses with a wide overview, that enables students to gain an in depth knowledge of their field to be of great use for future development. Beside that, the function of the core courses is to strengthen students understanding in contemporary economic and business knowledge. The total number of credits required is 62 credits.

    Economy Programme

    • Bachelor of Economics with Honours (International Economics)
    • Bachelor of Economics with Honours (Industrial Economics)
    • Bachelor of Economics with Honours (Service Economics)
    • Bachelor of Economics with Honours (Business Economics)

      Business Management Programme

      • Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours (Marketing)
      • Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours (Corporate Management)

        Accounting and Finance Programme

        • Bachelor of Finance (Honours)
        • Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours)