International Student

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) welcomes applications from international students to study at the university in a wide range of undergraduate (Bachelor’s Degree) programs.

Interested applicants should have successfully completed a minimum of 12 years of primary and secondary schools with a Higher School Certificate (HSC) qualification or its equivalents. In addition, students who have obtained a high school/college diploma or its equivalent may also apply.

International students who wish to enroll in undergraduate programmes at UNIMAS are required to satisfy the university’s English language requirements as listed below:

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing Scheme) score of 5.5 or
  • TOEFL (test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 550 or
  • CBT (computer-based TOEFL) score of 230 or
  • IBT (internet-based TOEFL) minimum score of 80 or
  • English Language requirement may be satisfied for applicants who havesuccessfully completed full time secondary or tertiary studies or equivalent qualification where the language of instruction and assessment was in English. Academic transcript and an official letter from the institution certifying that English was the medium of instruction and assessment must be provided.

Applications should be submitted to the International Student Admission Unit, Undergraduate Studies Division, using the UNIMAS International Student Undergraduate Application Form.

Students without the required level of English but meet the requirement for undergraduate studies will be given a conditional offer of undergraduate study and are required to enroll in the Intensive Language programme offered by Centre for Language Studies (CLS), UNIMAS. Students who pass the Intensive English Language course can pursue their full-time undergraduate study at UNIMAS.

Entry Requirement Programmes

Intensive English Language (20 hours per week)

The aim of this intensive English language course is twofold - to improve students’ communicative skills for social purposes and to develop their ability to read and write for academic purposes. The course consists of three modules: (1) Listening and Speaking, (2) Reading and Writing, and (3) Grammar. The first module focuses on listening and speaking skills for everyday situations. The emphasis is on the appropriate and accurate forms and functions of English language used for various situations. The second module covers skills and techniques related to reading and writing in academic contexts. Students are guided to read and write academic texts using the genre based approach. The third module focuses on expanding students’ knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary for everyday interactions and academic purposes.

Preparatory Bahasa Malaysia (2 hours per week)

This preparatory Bahasa Malaysia course focuses on basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. It also covers the basic vocabulary, grammar and comprehension skills. The course combines these skills to enable students to use the language for everyday communication purposes. In addition, the course also exposes students to the socio-cultural aspects of the language and the Malaysian society.